HLooking for a seasoned Dutch SEO specialist? I have been optimizing Dutch SME (small to medium sized enterprises or as we say in Dutch “MKB”) websites for over 10 years and achieving top rankings in the Google.nl search results. Among my clients are non Dutch speaking entrepreneurs and companies that desire a prominent search presence in the Dutch search results.

Why work with a Dutch SEO specialist?

It is easy to work with a Dutch SEO specialist, almost all of them are able to converse in good English, quite often native level speaking and writing capabilities. It is no problem to communicate with you in proper English.

Challenges in Dutch SEO

As you might have noticed, The Netherlands is not a cheap country. Even relative to its neighbours like Germany, you will notice that most products and services are bit more pricey. This also reflects in the wages of Dutch SEO specialists.

What do Dutch SEO specialists cost?

Dutch SEO specialists generally charge north of 50 Euro per hour worked excluding VAT. For an experienced SEO expert with a track record, you can expect hourly rates of 75 – 125 Euro per hour.

This makes Dutch SEO expensive, and it is hard to make a ROI with rates like that. Because the Dutch SEO climate is very competitive. The Netherlands is a digital literate country, there are many SEO and other online marketing professionals active. Most Dutch SEO experts are in tune with the latest techniques and trends from the English speaking world. Therefore, ranking in Google.nl is not the easiest feat. In most industries a lot of work is needed to secure satisfying rankings.

Solution? Work with a SEO freelancer

A solution to aforementioned problem could be to work with a freelance SEO specialist. As opposed to an agency. SEO agencies in the Netherlands are very expensive to work with. Freelance SEO consultants work from home and don’t have all the expenses, like an office in Amsterdam. Therefore, they can charge lower rates. Some of them also work from abroad in low cost countries. The so called digital nomad movement. You can expect a lot lower rates, but the same and probably even higher quality of work.

Truth be told, if you don’t have a big budget (as in 10K+ Euro per month), the established Dutch online marketing agencies, will happily put an intern on your campaign. I have witnessed shoddy work by these agencies (sometimes clients show me what was done previously). Therefore, I would always recommend to work with a freelancer for SEO in The Netherlands. Doesn’t have to be yours truly. Most of the time I am fully booked. But I can always refer you to befriended SEO colleagues that I trust.