Are you looking to expand your business in The Netherlands? Or maybe you emigrated to Holland and you would like to start an online business. In any case, if you want to succeed in The Netherlands with an online business, it is definitely necessary to be visible in Google. Statcounter tells us that the market share of Google as a search engine in The Netherlands is more than 95%. Very little people in our country are using Microsoft Bing or Duck Duck Go.

Why expand in The Netherlands at all or start a webshop or other commercial website here? Although we are a small country. It is densely populated, and of course the standard of living is high, there is one of the highest purchasing powers in the world. Dutch people are also very well connected.  Basically the whole country has excellent internet connection. As a Dutch person myself I have noticed that internet connectivity is a lot better compared to neighboring countries like Germany. Internet in the German, Belgian and French country side can be spotty. Dutch people spend a lot of time on the web. So even though, the population is relatively small, the percentage potential consumers is considerably higher then other European countries I would say.

Most Dutch people are becoming more and more blind to advertisements. Especially in offline media. But also increasingly online. People skip the ads also in Google search engine results. The organic search results feel like the ‘real results’. So for this reason it is imperative to be noted highly in the search results in order to attract visitors to your website.

My main specialty is SEO, as you probably derived from the name of this website ‘SEO Geek’. I am fond of everything related to search engine marketing. It is my passion. I have already supported many Dutch Small Medium Enterprises to attain top positions in search results. I also help Dutch companies to succeed abroad, so I have also experience with Google in United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Of course, Dutch is not only spoken just in The Netherlands. There is also the Dutch speaking part in Belgium, Flanders. I can also help create and execute a strategy to gain more visibility for Dutch search phrases in and even for French phrases for the Wallonia part of Belgium.

Why hire me?

As you will quickly find out, The Netherlands is NOT a cheap country to hire IT personnel. Netherlands is an expensive country in general. Me myself, I work location independent most of the time, from countries like Peru or Philippines, where cost of living is a lot lower. Therefore I can keep my rate a lot lower compared to competitors.

And the proof is in the pudding of course. If you found this page, it was most definitely through a Google search result. My website ranks very well for all kinds of competitive SEO related keywords.

You could also consult the reviews of current and previous clients in the sidebar to the right. These reviews have been written in Dutch, but are easily translated and understood through Google Translate.


deze pagina is bedoeld voor buitenlandse bedrijven die uit willen breiden naar Nederland of immigranten die een online onderneming willen starten in ons land. Vandaar het Engels. Indien jij een Nederlandse onderneming bent die juist wilt uitbreiden naar Engelstalige landen, dan kan ik daar natuurlijk ook mee van dienst zijn. Ik heb reeds vele top noteringen weten te behalen in voor mijn klanten, en op verzoek kan ik ook werken aan (Verenigde Staten), (Canada), (Australië), enzovoort. SEO is in principe universeel, we zijn niet gebonden door grenzen.